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Writing, following your heart, and making your writing dreams come true

Do you love writing, want to write or have ideas swirling in your head?

Doing the Write Thing is here to:

  • cheer you on (woohoo!),

  • share tips and resources to help you hone your writing craft,

  • motivate you to keep writing,

  • keep you updated on my writing projects,

  • inspire you through insightful Q&As with fellow authors and publishing professionals, and

  • help you feel good about writing.

All this is meant to help you feel “writerly” (I love that feeling!) and to help inspire your writing, which will motivate you to pursue your writing goals and dreams.

About Me

My approach to life: follow your heart.

I’m a fellow writer and editor. I developed a career in writing, so I know what it’s like to get excited about writing and also to address writing challenges.

I knew since I was five years old that I’m a writer and that I want to publish stories. I’ve been writing and editing articles for magazines, newspapers and websites for more than a decade. Published digitally and in print, my articles have been featured in multiple Canadian publications, including the National Post, Best Health, the Toronto Star, This Magazine and more.

I also love writing poetry. Some of my poems have placed in writing contests; most recently, my poem Together won first place in the #ApartTogether 2020 contest hosted by Mississauga Writers Group, The Mississauga Arts Council, Heritage Mississauga, Peel Weekly News and the City of Mississauga.

I’m also a mommy and I work, so I understand how important it is to keep a strong work-life balance.

I really hope that Doing the Write Thing can help you pursue the creative project you’re really excited about. When we follow our hearts, we’re generally happier and feel more fulfilled and make the world around us a happier, kinder place as well.

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writing, following your heart and making your writing dreams come true



In addition to writing, I love reading, cooking, doing yoga, going on nature walks and especially spending time with my loved ones.